For a fresh change try Colorifornia

Android application "Colorifornia" is a convenient tool for working and playing with colors

Install the app on your device and you can easily:

  • Create and compare any colors
  • Save your favorite colors and send color's parameters via email or Messengers
  • Pick colors from any image or photograph
  • Set color you like as a wallpaper on your Android

The "Colorifornia" app is absolutely free. There is also no any advertising.

Easy colors creation

Colorifornia makes the color creation process easy and enjoyable.

For user convenience app has two types of controls for color composing:

  • Linear control, for handy color making in the RGB or ARGB formats
  • Round control, that allows to create colors according to HSV format

For visual comparison and adjustment of two colors the application has
a "Double mode" where colors get the control alternately.

In any font all should be perfect: color, background and so on...

Colorifornia gives to users convenient and intuitive tool for adjusting background to the font color and vice versa. The app provides two screens for doing that:

  • "Adjustable font" screen with the linear control
  • "Regular font" screen with the round control

There is a special button "Flip to front" that alternates the color control connection to the font
or to the background. After choosing colors user can open "Full screen" mode and evaluate
the result. The parameters for both colors will be displayed.

40 shades of pink

Novadays almost every Android device has a power camera. Colorifornia takes this advantage and gives
to users opportunity to pick a color from any picture or photograph.

Just take a shot and open it in the app. And you can also open any other picture from the gallery of your device.

There is possible to expand, shrink or move the photo, therefore the user can extract a color from any thin detail of the image. The "aim" will show a point of the color that has been chosen.

Create and save

The user can save any created color. There is "Favorites" mode where you can:

  • Share parameters of all saved colors (or few of them)
  • Open color on full screen (just click on it)
  • Delete redundant colors
  • Look through all favorite colors swiping them to the left/right

It's possible to select all colors at once for sharing or deleting.


Dear users. We'll be really glad if Colorifornia helps you resolve at least one of your problems. Is there something you don't like? Write an email to us — we will improve or fix it. If you need additional options or functionality — send us a letter and we'll try to provide it.